League History

The Recent Years

2013: This was the first year of a three agreement to solidify the working relationship between the Valley Community Football League and the VMFL where an agreement was signed to integrate the Bantam and Midget schedules to form one B.C division for 12 man tackle football.  Before this year there were some years of integration in Bantam while Midget was integrated since 2010.

This also marked the first year that Comox Valley entered the VMFL league with both a Bantam and Midget teams, both playing 12 man football.

2012:  While the VCFL didn’t integrate with the VMFL at the Bantam level they did at Midget.  This year the VMFL would sweep the 12-man Provincials in all four divisions as well as take the 9-man Bantam title.  This would mark the end of the Burnaby Minor Football Association as they closed their doors after running for many years.

2011: This marked the first year that the Valley Community Football League integrated their Bantam division with the VMFL as they had in Midget the year before.  This lead to a twelve team division in 12-man Bantam as well as another six teams in 9-man Bantam.   This was also the first year ever of 9-man tackle football at a level higher than Atom with introduction of a Bantam 9-man division.

2010: For the first time ever the VCFL and the VMFL would play an integrated schedule and in effect become a single B.C. Midget division of community football.  After years of discussion a working committee managed to all agree on formats and structures to push community football to new heights.

2009: A modern record of eighteen teams entered the Atom division and 9-man divisions were created at the Peewee and Junior Bantam levels as well.  After a few years of discussions the VMFL moved forward with the creation of 9-man tackle football at higher levels in order to help develop smaller associations as well as allow for an easier growth of an association to expand their programs.