Spring Flag Week Four

Congratulations to Richmond minor football for hosting an outstanding week 4 of VMFL/VCFL Spring flag football  at Hugh Boyd Park.  A ‘big thank you’ for securing & preparing this amazing venue again goes  out to Richmond Minor President &’ chief burger flipper’, Rob Parmar, Ermias Kebede (Rmd Raiders VP), Glenda Strang (Rmd Raiders – Secretary), Tanya Favell (Rmd Raiders Treasurer), Cheryl Ternes (Rmd Raiders – register), Aarron Thompson, Christine Stewart, Sheraz Mohammed  & all the many dedicated volunteers of Richmond minor football who made set up Saturday evening & clean up so smooth.

Thank-you  Kevin Parks, VMFL director-at-large Spring flag football, Jayne Ogundehinde – VMFL Secretary, Valder Belgrave – VMFL President, Joe Connely – VMFL VP, Cory Philpot – BCCFA executive, Mark Ogloff – Meadowridge Minor president, Jayce Barr – Vancouver Westside president, Becky Severy – Coquitlam minor  secretary, Derek LaCelle – Coquitlam minor executive, Kari Stewart – Coquitlam minor executive & Kaila Rothkop – BCCFA secretary  for your support in administrating the jamboree.

Photos: Richmond Jamboree photos courtesy of Football BC (Daniel Fung)