Spring Flag Season Underway

Coquitlam Hosts Week One

A big congratulations and thank you to Coquitlam Minor Football Association and their many amazing volunteers, led by jamboree coordinators Kevin Parks & Kari Stewart, as well as Kaila Rothkop (BCCFA secretary), Janis Clark (Coquitlam treasurer), Becky Severy (Coquitlam secretary),  Mark Ogloff (MeadowRidge president), Valder Belgrave (VMFL president), Jayne Ogundehinde (VMFL secretary), Mike Pauls (Team BC coach), Cory Philpot (BCCFA director), Glenn Pencer (North Delta past-president), Brandon Hestdalen (past – CMFA executive), Paul Lancaster (VMFL executive), Bruce Cusker (CMFA vice-president), Joe Carter (Langley minor – president), Joe Connelly (VMFL executive) and so many more for hosting 1,700+ athletes, coaches, referees & league administrators.

The weather cooperated with us which made playing 330 games of flag football at Coquitlam Town Centre Park a huge success.  The excitement of the bear visiting Cunnings field (#4) added to drama of the day (http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/black-bear-tranquilized-in-busy-coquitlam-park-1.2347100)  In spite of the inconvenience of having to move games to accommodate the removal of  the ‘bear in the tree’, the jamboree was a great kick-off for the 2015 VMFL/VCFL Spring Flag football season.

Week two continues this sunday at John Oliver Park in North Delta  (11499 Ladner Trunk Rd).  Reminder: John Oliver Park has limited parking – car pooling is recommended.  Two small parking lots are available on site

All Flag schedules and results can be found on the Schedule page




New Amateur Tackle Rules

Football Canada Makes Changes To Rulebook

The Football Canada Tackle Rules Committee has adapted a number of changes, clarifications and corrections approved to the Canadian Amateur Tackle Football Rule Book. The changes are for immediate distribution and implementation.

The changes include:

  • Extending the Tandem Buck Rule (pushing, pulling or charging into the ball carrier to assist his/her forward progress) to include the ball carrier on any play (e.g. turnover, punt return)
  • Amending the Horse Collar Rule (pulling the ball carrier down by grasping the inside of the shoulder pads/collar) to include the outside of the jersey above the numbers
  • New numbering system for eligible & ineligible receivers which was announced last year is now to be fully implemented

Full details including rationale for the changes can be found below:

2015 Tackle rule changes