An update on the implementation process of the Registration & League Management system for the VMFL (& all BCCFA associations).

esportsdesk will be the conduit for processing Football BC & BCCFA fees.

esportsdesk will work with each club to facilitate this process (provide set up & technical support)

Because of the wide diversity of each Associations player & team registrations format and processes, esportsdesk will structure the solution to align with your Association.  As a result, it is imperative that each Club order a FREE website and book an Administrator Training session directly with esportsdesk  In this online session you will see first-hand how the system functions and learn how your level of adoption of these tools will impact your level of Administrative workload to participate in the BCCFA in 2015.

These are the tools that Football BC and the BCCFA have selected to manage their membership, registration and league management going forward and we realize that some Clubs are ready for full and immediate implementation, while other Clubs might require a ‘graduated’ adoption process for the 2015 season. is ready to work directly with Clubs to ensure they find the easiest route to inclusion in the BCCFA 2015 Season.

Reminder that you do NOT need to change your official website or hosting services – this FREE site is only the Administrator Home-Base for your Club to be part of the BCCFA and benefit from all the data and schedule sharing.

eSportsdeck – update Jan 15th